Three Portraits of and Endangered Species
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Three Portraits of an Endangered Species


An installation project by Andrea Benatti, Filippo Tommasoli, Marco Trevisani
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Security cam in a closed art gallery space for: Three portraits of an endangered species

This installation was submitted to the Mapping Festival 2020 in Genève.
At the beginning of March 2020 the Festival was canceled because of the pandemic emergency.
We therefore created an audio video representation of an imaginary empty gallery where three portraits are hanging in the middle of the space,
visible only through three security cams while the space is filled audio traces of a previous existence

Three Portraits Of An Endangered Species, 2019/2020

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These programs are used to create Marco Trevisani "Portrait Of An Endangered Species". Only Free software on a GNU/Linux computer.
Processing, algorithm elaboration of images as well as post production to synchronize video and images
"Security Cams on Three Portraits" is rendered with Blender